The Galapagos Islands

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Have you wondered about the connection between Evolution and belief in God? I would like to provide a personal perspective on this. In 2008, my wife and I had the chance to go to the Galapagos Islands. I could visualize why Darwin discovered this a terrific lab for his observations. Practically there were no predators. We walked by birds that were known as Boobies which laid out their nests in the open and we can watch them with their infants, and they showed no concern. I could sit next to a lizard and it would not run away. From my standpoint, this secure atmosphere contributed to there being a fantastic diversity of animals. Additionally, through making comparisons between islands, there seemed to be differences which gave credence how creatures could survive who adapted best to the respective islands. For example we found that there were differences within islands between tortoises, finches and in plant

All the same, considering this since this encounter, it has not shaken my faith in God. The reason is, while I find Darwin’s adaptation principle makes sense, God still could have put this plan into motion as he put in different laws of nature like the law of gravity. In addition to that, the end result of this diversity I find is a miracle to behold, based on other miracles we can blame because the work of God such as sunsets and stunning mountains. Psalm 104:24 I believe says it nicely,”O Lord, what a wide variety of things you’ve made! In wisdom you’ve made them all. The earth is filled with your creatures.”

Just by looking out my house windows, I feel wonder in the animal behavior I see. This is very true celebrating our Hummingbird feeder. We’ve seen how they have a strong territorial character. He generally prominently sits on top of the feeder. Other Hummingbirds will try to feed there, but he immediately chases them off. Occasionally they will revert to other approaches like sneaking up when he is not looking or arriving at two at a time. He’ll discover new and unusual tactics like mixing in with the leaves in a nearby bush and rushing in when another bird tactics. They are just the reverse of Hummingbirds! They are quite gentle and non-aggressive. The father and mother take turns every day in feeding their infants.

Yes, I see signs of natural selection. However, I see God is in control!

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