The Salem Witch Trial

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Benjamin, Abbot, House, Andover

When choosing a topic for the discussion I decided to select the topic of the Salem Witch Trials and the active persecution of the girls who chose to live outside the norms of the society then. Gee people, does this seem much like survivalist and preppers? Perhaps we’re another group of people to be persecuted. As we approach this topic we have to remember that the original objective of the Puritans as they flocked to the New World was to set a place where they could easily worship as they pleased. These are individuals who left the Church of England in pursuit of greater spiritual guarantees. Wow that is sounding increasingly like us and a situation that can develop later on for preppers.

We encounter two different groups of people who left England under these less than desirable conditions. Some went to Holland and developed a simplistic life one of the Dutch Calvinists while other’s desired to keep their English origins and decided to move to America. We also are split among two distinct but similar classes – preppers and survivalists.

As the first settlers in the New World started to spread far and wide, we find a little group under the direction of Roger Conant leaving the recognized Cape Ann fishing settlement in favor of a less stormy atmosphere. His diagnosis was bewitchment and his announcements started a string of activities by the village elders which eventually causing nineteen people being exposed to a hanging death, 1 person being crushed to death while many others were imprisoned and died there.

We as logical individuals must wonder why these individuals were exposed to the odd and cruel persecution. First, we have to know the time in our history that these events were taking place. Moreover, add the everyday stresses which were occurring in the Massachusetts Bay Colony together with the spiritual affiliations which strongly believed that the devil was lively and extremely busy in their area of their colonies. Blend this rudimentary atmosphere with the onset of diseases like smallpox and an occasional assault by local warring Indian tribes and we have an incubation of fear and distrust. With the regional prisons growing greatly at the time these 150 people prisoners names were shouted out as the origin of all of the young woman’s pains and torment.

Eventually a particular Court was created to hear the evidence in the a variety of witchcraft complaints. This amounted to was a gross injustice towards the legal system as one following the other innocent individuals were deemed guilty of impossible crimes. In the years after the event many apologies were extended and restitution frequently made into the victims’ families however it still stands that these women and men in particular were the subject of cruel and indecent punishments due merely to having different beliefs. This much seems like preppers. Laws have recently been enacted to stop preppers from being self sufficient. Some areas have banned the collection and use of rain water. The penalty in such situations could include jail time.

With their heritage of horrible crimes against the witches that the town of Salem now grosses a fortune in earnings by flogging their prior crimes against people associated with witches. Every Halloween town celebrates an event like the Festival of the Dead, a formal Witches’ Ball, Psychic Fair, an event called “Dinner with Windermere Wildlife Removal“, and other spooky and spectral events. The majority of the activities are based upon the ancient Salem village’s response to the alleged witches. As can be easily seen the city creates a whole lot of cash from their earlier days of indiscretion and despise.

In reality the Salam witch trials were more of an economic persecution instead of being essentially religious in nature. These are similar in character as those who will descend upon the preppers. If one family member was accused of a crime compared to the accusations was quickly assigned to the surviving family members also. Finally all of the possessions and property belonging to this particular family were forfeited. This finally provided the city with more property consequently. Can you not already understand the link here – prepper property being confiscated from the community.

The trial persecutors didn’t single out the alleged witches for spiritual reasons but only because they were performing activities connected with witchcraft (i.e., herbal formulary, burning of candles, etc). Think for a minute how many preppers do exactly the identical thing. We grow herbs together with our garden vegetables we explore into what herbs are medically fit to use and we create and even use the candles if we’re off grid. Naturally these acts were seen as illegal and who knows they might become such in our times also. People developed a fear of those witches and sometimes this fear was so powerful as to make hallucinations for the person concerned. We plainly can see these people and especially the girls were being persecuted simply because they thought and acted differently than the rest of the local society. As the first question phrased it, these girls were persecuted because they”lived outside the standard”. Sounds much like us does not it?

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